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Should I Install A Lightning Rod On My Home

Should I Install A Lightning Rod On My Home

Many homeowners are unsure if their Ohio property requires the safety of a lightning rod which is why the team at Hamilton Lightning Protection is here to help. While it is recommended to have a lightning rod installed to ensure safety from lightning storms, the answer isn't necessarily cut and dry. This article discusses variables that can be used to determine whether your residence would benefit from the protection of a lightning rod installation.

What Is A Lightning Rod?

Lightning can carry up to 1 billion volts of electricity. Lightning rods cross this voltage and provide a safe pathway for lightning currents in the ground. By doing this, they offer a direct route to the ground which prevents fires, explosions, and electrical surges that can be caused by lightning strikes.

Do Most Homeowners Have Lightning Rods Installed?

As reported by recent data, the United States fire department responds to an average of 22,600 lightning-related fires per year. Statistics show that lightning is the most common weather hazard and in opposition to urban myth, lighting can hit the same spot twice! The Empire State Building is a victim of about 100 lightning strikes a year, but most homes don't experience this increase in frequency. However, if you live in a very tall house, have trees that are less than 10 feet taller than yours, or live in an area with heavy lightning strikes, it is advised that you install a lightning rod.

What Is the Best Option?

Whether or not a lightning protection system is installed in your home is a personal decision and is not required by law. The effects of a lightning strike can range from electric shock to fire to electronic loss. A lightning protection system is not a guarantee that lightning will not damage your home. However, this will reduce the possibility of major losses.

Ultimately, choosing a lightning rod as protection is an investment, and purchasing one may depend on your level of risk and concern. If you want every protection against natural disasters where lightning is a common factor, a lightning rod system is for you.

The odds may seem low, but if lightning strikes your home, a lightning protection system with multiple lightning rods will provide protection. If you are uncertain if lightning rods are the best option for you, your family, or you're interested in lightning rod system design, contact our professional team of contractors.

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