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Home Lightning Protection Services

Protect Your Property with Lightning Protection

Nothing keeps your home protected quite as dependably as lightning protection. For quality lightning protection in Ohio, Indiana, or anywhere else in the United States, look to Hamilton Lightning Protection. Since 1964 our lightning protection contractors, offer several services to keep your home and your loved ones protected from lightning storms.

Lightning Rod Installation

Lightning rod installation

You shouldn't try to put in your lightning rod yourself. If you don't do it just right, your home may still be exposed to lightning damages—perhaps even more so. That's why you need to leave that work to our professional team. We provide quick, dependable lightning rod installation work that will guarantee you the best possible protection at home.

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Lightning Rod Repair and Service

Lightning rod repair service

Because of the nature of the work it does and its exposure to the elements, your lightning rod system is bound to suffer some pretty nasty wear and tear over time. This wear and tear can even reach the point that it no longer provides the lightning protection you need. Should your system be in such a condition, you need to call for our lightning rod repair and maintenance services.

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Lightning Rod System Sales

Lightning rod system sales

Are you in the market to get a lightning rod system for your home or business? If you are, you need to make sure you get a quality system that will provide many years of dependable protection for your property and your loved ones. To get a system of that quality, make sure you come to Hamilton Lightning Protection for our lightning rod system sales.

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Lightning Rod System Design

Lightning rod system design

Maybe you can't find the right lightning rod system for your home right out of a box. Maybe your needs are a bit more specific than that, and you need a system that meets your specifications. If that's so, you need to call our experienced team today. We offer lightning system design work that will help you get the exact right system for your home.

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Lightning Protection Upkeep Tips & Advice

Lightning rods are essential for protecting buildings and structures from the devastating effects of lightning strikes. Over time, however, lightning rods may require repairs to ensure their continued effectiveness. Identifying and addressing common types of lightning rod repairs is crucial for maintaining reliable protection against lightning […]

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You've already made the smart move and took care of lightning rod installation for your home; now it's time to address the need for upkeep. As with any other feature you add to your property, the lightning rod will require inspections and maintenance over time. The United […]

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If you need professional lightning protection, call us today at 1-800-701-7451, or complete our online request form.